Who & Me: The Memoir of Barry Letts (CD)
Who & Me: The Memoir of Barry Letts (CD)

Who & Me: The Memoir of Barry Letts (CD)

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This is the first volume of memoirs from Barry Letts, producer of "Doctor Who" from 1970 to 1974, executive producer in 1980, and later producer of the BBC's Classic Serials strand. Barry's career started as an actor, and he switched to directing in the 1960s. "Who and Me" recounts the journey he took from struggling actor to successful producer, and the ups and downs of working on "Doctor Who" during the Jon Pertwee years. Along the way he describes the personalities he worked with during that time, from his script editor Terrance Dicks and the stars of the series to the senior management, of the BBC with whom he had encounters. The story is of primary interest to fans of 'classic' "Doctor Who", who know Barry as a key figure in the development of the series and are keen to get the inside track on his time with it.

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