WhoTalk: An Unearthly Child Commentary
WhoTalk: An Unearthly Child Commentary

WhoTalk: An Unearthly Child Commentary

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On Saturday 23rd November 1963, on BBC 1, a television legend was born.

The opening episode of Doctor Who was transmitted, and for the next month the mysterious traveller in time and space embarked upon his first adventure with granddaughter Susan, and reluctant companions Ian and Barbara, as the foursome faced the perils of the stone age.

For the very first time, presented here are commentaries for all four episodes of Doctor Who's opening story, as well as the original unbroadcast pilot episode.

Moderated by actor, comedian and cult television enthusiast Toby Hadoke, this release features William Russell (Ian Chesterton), Jeremy Young (Kal), Waris Hussein (Director), Brian Hodgson (Special Sound) and Clive Doig (Vision Mixer).

These CDs can be enjoyed on their own or played in conjunction with the official BBC DVD release.

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