WhoTalk: Cyber60s Commentary
WhoTalk: Cyber60s Commentary

WhoTalk: Cyber60s Commentary

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The Cybermen first marched onto British television in October 1966 and have remained one of Doctor Who’s most formidable and feared foes ever since.


Presented here are commentaries for episodes from the Patrick Troughton serials The Tomb of the Cybermen, The Wheel in Space and The Invasion.


Moderated by Toby Hadoke and Paul W.T. Ballard, this release features Wendy Padbury (Zoe), Michael Kilgarriff (Cyber Controller), Sally Faulkner (Isobel), Sylvia James (Make-Up), Roger Bunce (Cameraman) and Marcia Wheeler (Assistant Floor Manager).

These CDs can be enjoyed on their own or played in conjunction with the official BBC DVD release.

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