WhoTalk: Revenge of the Cybermen Commentary
WhoTalk: Revenge of the Cybermen Commentary

WhoTalk: Revenge of the Cybermen Commentary

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After an absence of seven years, the Cybermen returned to the nation’s screens to battle brand new Doctor Tom Baker in his debut season. With newly designed costumes for the eponymous monsters and some atmospheric location filming in Wookey Hole, the serial became a firm fan favourite, and was the first to be released on home video.

More than forty years on, cast and crew now reassemble to share their memories of the production.

Moderated by actor, comedian and cult television enthusiast Toby Hadoke, this release features Christopher Robbie (Cyber Leader), David Collings (Vorus), David Sulkin OBE (Vogan), Roger Murray-Leach (Designer), Philip Hinchcliffe (Producer) and Michael E. Briant (Director).

These CDs can be enjoyed on their own or played in conjunction with the official BBC DVD release.

These commentaries contain no BBC copyrighted elements and do not feature audio from the episodes themselves.

Disc One
EPISODE ONE: Michael E. Briant
EPISODE TWO: David Collings & Christopher Robbie
EPISODE THREE: Michael E. Briant & David Sulkin

Disc Two
Alternative EPISODE THREE: Philip Hinchcliffe & Roger Murray-Leach
EPISODE FOUR: David Collings & Christopher Robbie

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