WhoTalk: The Monster Era Commentary
WhoTalk: The Monster Era Commentary

WhoTalk: The Monster Era Commentary

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The casting of Patrick Troughton as The Doctor in 1966 ushered in a whole new era for the programme. Historical stories were now redundant, and the nation was confronted on a weekly basis by a whole host of monstrous creations.

Dubbed “The Monster Era” by fans, The Doctor battled such long-term favourites as Daleks, Cybermen, Ice Warriors and Yeti, as well as some less often recalled foes such as the Chameleons and the Krotons.

This collection contains commentaries for individual episodes from this golden era of the series including The Faceless Ones, The Evil of the Daleks, The Web of Fear, The Krotons and a bonus interview on The Macra Terror.

Moderated by actor, comedian and cult television enthusiast Toby Hadoke, this release features Anneke Wills (Polly), Frazer Hines (Jamie), Deborah Watling (Victoria), Brian Hodgson (Special Sound), David Tilley (Assistant Floor Manager), Roger Bunce (Cameraman) and Philip Morris (Missing Episodes Hunter).

These CDs can be enjoyed on their own or played in conjunction with the official BBC DVD release.

These commentaries contain no BBC copyrighted elements and do not feature audio from the episodes themselves.

Disc One
THE FACELESS ONES (PART 1): Anneke Wills & Frazer Hines
THE FACELESS ONES (PART 3): Frazer Hines & Brian Hodgson
THE EVIL OF THE DALEKS (PART 2): Frazer Hines, David Tilley & Brian Hodgson

Disc Two
THE WEB OF FEAR (PART 6): Deborah Watling & Philip Morris
THE KROTONS (PART 4): Frazer Hines & David Tilley

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