You and Who: A Doctor Who Fan Anthology
You and Who: A Doctor Who Fan Anthology

You and Who: A Doctor Who Fan Anthology

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After almost 50 years of television serials, original novels, comic strips, audio dramas, short stories, radio plays, cartoons, graphic novels, cinema films and just about anything else you could possibly imagine, after almost 50 years of a series which has change as its most fundamental conceit, there's only one thing most Doctor Who fans can agree upon: how special it is.

You and Who is the result of a project which started in 2010. It's an anthology of stories, written by fans, in which those fans attempt to reveal just how and why they became fans of Doctor Who in the first place. There's humour, there's horror, and there's heartbreak. Just as there is in the series itself.

But what You and Who mostly goes to show, is not how much we share in common with the series we all love, but how much we share in common with one another. For the essays contained herein aren't just the stories of those who've written them and Doctor Who, they're the same story we have all lived.

They're the story of You and Who.

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